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Commercial Property Dispositions

Hart Commercial Real Estate’s commercial division will provide an in depth analysis of the property, taking into consideration: comparable properties, current vs. market rate rents, current loan rates, parking issues and development opportunities. By doing so, we are able to maximize the sale price, while exposing the property to the widest possible market through our effective marketing strategies.

Commercial Property Acquisitions

When looking to acquire a commercial property, Hart Commercial Real Estate’s commercial division provides an unparalleled analysis of the current market conditions, potential for rent increases, current loans available, and any value added opportunities that may exist. We will then aggressively negotiate the acquisition on your behalf and walk you through the entire escrow process; from property inspections, to loan qualification, to closing.

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Our Consulting Programs

Acquisition Analysis / Due Diligence
We conduct operational evaluation of potential acquisition. We analyze current and historical income statements, rent rolls, operational systems and pro forma budgets in support of acquisition decision making. This analysis serves to determine the bottom line in terms of projected cash flow, internal rate of return (IRR), and investment value on a before or after-tax basis. This study determines the price a prudent investor can afford to pay for a particular income property.
Presale or Loan Extension Asset Positioning
Following a site visit and income statement analysis, prepare recommendations that could potentially yield a higher valuation. In the case of a loan extension, we will formulate strategies to optimize NOI within a specified time frame. It is recommended that this analysis be performed a minimum of three to six months prior to disposition and six to twelve months prior to loan extension deadline.
Financial and Operational Control Analysis
We review property/portfolio workflow process to determine inefficiencies and ensure effectiveness of maximizing revenue. We then complete an in-depth analysis of income, expenditures and service contracts. Our goal is to enhance value by increasing income, reducing costs and promoting efficiency
Repositioning Strategy
We will formulate programs that focus on repositioning the asset and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. Our program defines product, marketing and management vulnerabilities, provides a strategic approach to capitalize on the assets strengths and summarizes solutions to reposition and stabilize the asset.
Condo Conversion Feasibility Studies
This study assists condo converters in the evaluation of potential conversions. Area research and market studies that provide up to date information on sales data, competitive properties, and area demographics all go into the financial projections that enable investors to make well informed decisions when identifying condo conversion projects.

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Broker’s Opinion of Value and Market Analysis

We complete a thorough site visit and analysis of the property. We review the zoning, possible uses, the income and expenses, the leases, and other components of the property. We research and compare the property to similar properties sold, leased and currently on the market. We run financial cash flow projections and pro-forma analysis. We meet with you personally to present a written brokers opinion of value and market analysis including comps.

This service is free if you engage Hart Commercial Real Estate to market the property at the presentation. If you need the analysis for another reason or you are not ready to go to market at that time we can provide these services for a fee. If we sell the property in the next 12 months the fee would be refunded at closing.

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